Signatures by Terrésa,

Agricultural corporate law practice to ensure the success of your sale/purchase operation

The sale / acquisition of a farm or vineyard requires total security… and peace of mind

Buying or selling a farm or a vineyard is a highly complex operation. For the parties involved it requires both technical skills (rural law, business law, taxation, etc.) and the ability to support you and negotiate on your behalf.

At all levels, the stakes being so high, doing away with a law firm is never a good solution.

However the firm also to know how to adapt business law to the specificities of the agricultural sector. Another important area of expertise, and not the least: leading, organizing and facilitating exchanges within a group of professionals (agricultural and viticultural transaction agents, chartered accountants, notaries, land experts, banks, etc.).

SIGNATURES by TERRÉSA: merging rural and business law

SIGNATURES by TERRÉSA as conceived by the law firm cabinetTERRÉSA cabinet TERRÉSA in order to meet the specific needs of high- stakes agricultural and viticultural transactions, by creating a perfect alliance between rural and business law. In three words:agricultural corporate law”!

With this goal in mind, SIGNATURES by TERRÉSA has set up a team and a specific process to meet these challenges.

And that’s what it’s all about: the satisfaction of all parties involved, culminating in the signatures at the bottom of the deeds and contracts,SIGNATURES by TERRÉSA!

Vineyard and olive grove, South of France

We were involved in managing the sale of a major vineyard and olive-growing estate in the south of France for over 30 million euros, including the sale of several companies and a significant area of land. Working closely with a specialist in wine transactions (our partner WINE OBJECTIVES), we sought out potential buyers, defined the sale strategy, led the negotiations and accompanied our client through to the signing of the deeds of sale.

Vineyard, South of France

We were involved in the acquisition of a wine-growing estate in the south of France for over 9 million euros, involving both company shares and land. We began by auditing the assets involved in the transaction to ensure their value and quality. We then accompanied our client through the entire process, from the letter of intent to the signing of the final deeds.

Stud farm and horse racing stable, Normandy

Following regulatory difficulties encountered by the vendor and his advisors in the sale of a stud farm and horse racing stable worth around 7 million euros, we were called in to negotiate the sale with the agricultural authorities and to take over the drafting of the various deeds up to final signature.

Cereal & rice farm, Camargue

At the request of the notary public, we worked alongside him to manage the sale of a large cereal and rice-growing farm in the Camargue region, for about 10 million euros.

Fruit farm, overseas

We assisted a farmer with the sale of his fruit farm, located in a French overseas department, for a value of almost 2 million euros. We worked alongside our client to define the best sale structure, support the negotiation with the buyer’s representatives, from the initial transaction deeds until the final signature.

Our support and deal milestones

Prior to any sale or acquisition, a legal, tax and social audit of the operation and/or its assets must be carried out.

In the case of a sale, the audit enables us to check whether any adjustments need to be made before the business is put up for sale.

In the case of a purchase, it enables the buyer to ensure that the content, value and health of the farm correspond to the asking price.

No sale/acquisition operation should be seriously considered without this in-depth work.

Tax, customs, SAFER, legal risks, grants and subsidies…

Any sale or transfer operation requires an upstream consideration of the strategy to be adopted to complete the transaction, taking into account administrative, tax, customs and legal constraints. The aim of this stage is to determine the structure of the sale/acquisition, which will be adopted and followed by all parties.

Once the structure of the sale/acquisition has been determined and the audits completed, we recommend drawing up a sale or purchase letter of intent, designed to define the broad outlines of the planned operation and to set out the mutual commitments of the parties. It will then act as the basis of the sale/acquisition agreement.

All sale/acquisition operations require negotiations between the parties’ advisors, throughout the entire sale/acquisition process, in line with the mission and objectives entrusted to us by our client.

Support in drafting the memorandum of understanding

(Safer, loi Sempastous, authorization to operate, monitoring the conditions precedent, etc.)

Drafting and negotiating contracts, agricultural leases, employment contracts, warranty contracts, etc.

Organization of our mission

Steering the deal toward the sale / acquisition thanks to:

Two lead lawyers

A dedicated team
of professionals

The main players

Our business partners

One of the other assets of SIGNATURES by TERRÉSA is the ability to call on loyal, highly qualified partners, when necessary, depending on the assignment and in agreement with the involved parties.

« As an intermediary in the sale of wine estates, I can rely on the expertise of SIGNATURES by TERRÉSA, for my buying and selling clients. »

« Our partnership is the fruit of a shared conviction: sharing our know-how guarantees our customers tailor-made support at every stage of a sale/acquisition transaction. »

François AUROUZE
« The necessary independence of the land appraisal business requires a trusted lawyer, combining cutting-edge legal expertise with an unwavering commitment to defending your interests with diligence and skill. »

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